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lies,lies i need to disguise !! .. that's the lines that i like on the show of WIZARDS OF WAVERLY PLACE .. and what i like about that show is because alex russo was very fashionate every day im so excited of what she's wearing .. and one thing that you know about me is i am very friendly on every person .. but im very choosy to the people that i want to become friend because there's a some person who's very plastic .. and im so addicted to chocolates,fruits, and ice cream all of sweets that i addicted .. my favorite interview shows is the ellen and tyra and i like her show that was the american next top model .. and my favorite hollywood teen actress is of course! SELENA GOMEZ .. and my ultimate crush in hollywood .. hmmm .. is josh hartnett .. but i dont think so if he is really was my crush because there is so many cute boys on there ..
_Im a happy person but if you messing with me hurry .. run go far! because i will crushed you like a biscuits .. hehehe
_im just saying that hahaha ..
_ow! ahm ALEX WATSON is my a while crush his not hehehe ..


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Posted On: Sat, Jul. 02, 2011
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